Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thursday Night Cocoa

Aww! Thursday evening and the house is so very quiet. All I hear is the clock ticking and it is so very Peaceful!

So I thought I would come in and show you some of my new creations. I am having a hot cup of cocoa to just melt the tensions of the day away.

Today I began to create some Mother's Day Cards. I know the favorite in my shop around this time a year are my "Lady Card and Earring Sets".

Here is a couple I posted today in my shop.

The earrings below the picture is to give my customers the opportunity to switch the set if they'd like. I like all the sets, but this will give them the option.

Come on to my shop and see the other's I posted today!

I'm sorry I am brief, but I do appreciate you stopping by!

Have a great night!


1 comment:

Cheryl Lynn said...

Beautiful! Simply stunning! You are so talented. That hot cocoa sounds scrumptious.

Have a great day and I'm off to visit you Etsy store.

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