Saturday, May 30, 2009

June Is Busting Out All Over

I can hardly believe it but it is already June! June is such a great month. School is out, it's the 6Th month of the year and there is only 6 more months until Christmas. It's the beginning of summer. There are more weddings in the month of June than any other month. If you live in the mid-west, the June bugs come out.

This June is a celebration for me. I was a June bride! June 23, 1979! This year I will celebrate 30 years with my husband. When you look at the number, it looks like many many years, which really it is. Looking back though, the years have gone by fast. There were a lot of happy years and some not so happy. Isn't that how it is though, the good with the bad? Some days you hate him and many other days you love them to death!

When we first met he was in the Air Force. Oh man! Nothing is better than a man in a uniform! We had one child, Kelly. She was born in January, 1981. Later on when Kelly was a teenager, we had two foreign exchange students. Laura from Switzerland and Kristin from Germany. Laura was one year older and Kristin was one year younger than Kelly. We wanted her to have the experience of having an older sister and a younger sister. It was the greatest part of our lives! I love them as if they were my own.
Now we are going into our golden years, passing some of the trials and tribulations a marriage would endure. I guess I can say I will look forward to the next 30 years! So here's a great big "Happy Anniversary" not only to me and my husband, but to you all as well!

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mother's Day Special in May

Mom's do so much for us and we sure love our moms! So this year give her a hot little item from Crazy4Cards shop.

It's the Creamy caramel filled center chocolate, one of my designer "Lady Cards" with a beautiful set of earrings. This little gift is special, because the card and earrings are handmade.

There are several designs to choose from, so just take a look, purchase a set and put in the comments which designer card you would like.

Take care and thanks for shopping with me!

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