Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday Morning Coffee

Happy Saturday!

Oh this morning was a nice cup of cinnamin hazelnut coffee! Yummy! Bit of creamer and so so smooth. Picking up my magazine, First For Women. (love that magazine!) Very nice articles!

Yesterday I quoted one of the 7 suprise perks of giving yourself a break, so I thought I would add another one today that I liked.

Cures the blues: Girls' night out

"Socializing squelches the body's output of cortisol, a stress hormone that contributes to depressive moods," explains a physician. "Plus, it optimizes the brain's production of happiness-inducing neurotransmitters like serotonin." Just ask the women in a recent British study: 72 percent were able to overcome severe clinical depression within 12 months just by talking to with your girlfriends for one hour per week.

Now just so happens, I went to my girlfriends house last night and had a glass of wine! Boy did that relieve the stress of the day! Not that I really was stressed, but it was sure nice chatting with her for a couple of hours.

Well, here is wishing you all a fabulous day!


1 comment:

OliveStreetStudio said...

I have to say, your morning coffee sounded divine! Much better than my regular.

I'm planning a pina colada tonight with the basketball games...wish I ha a girlfriend to share, but alas, a Duke-grad hubby.

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