Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Morning Quiet Time

Good Morning!

I am not sure what has gotten in to me lately, but I just can't sleep. I am not sure if it is the beautiful weather we are having or what! The past few mornings I have been waking up at 3:00, 4:00 and can't get back to sleep. Perhaps there is just too much on my mind before I go to sleep and it's racing around during the night and making me restless.

To avoid waking up the rest of the household, I go to my craftroom and begin working on my projects. My latest creation are a couple of pair of earrings. I do like them. Let me show you what I made.

This first pair is a beautifl set of pink earrings. These are made with Swarovski Crystals and pink glass beads. A pretty little silver separator divides the two. Soft and elegant.

I just love those! The next pair is a nice pair you can wear with your jeans. Sometimes you want to go out in jeans and a nice shirt. These would dress them up!

These feature a beautiful set made with Argentinean rhodonite rectangle beads and pink cat's-eye beads. I love these too!

I went ahead and posted these two sets in my shop and can be selected for purchase. With Mother's Day right around the corner, they would make a great gift! Add them to one of the "Lady Cards" and you have not only a gift...but a card as well!

Today I am off to a baby shower with my sister. One of our friends is having her second child. After the shower, my niece is coming to stay the night! Oh I am so excited! I just love that little angel! I will write about our evening tomorrow. We always have a fun adventure!

I wish you all a fabulous Sunday! Get out and enjoy the day!



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