Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Morning Chat

This past weekend buzzed by for me. We were so very busy. Let me tell you briefly about our passing days.

On Saturday, my husband and I went to a "Kid Day in the Park" event at our local park. We had a booth set up for our "Take Shape For Life" program. My husband was in charge of the balloons for the kids and handing out stickers. It was so much fun! We offered a nice little give away and explained our organization to many of the visitors.

Sunday, day spent doing yard work. I was pulling weeds, getting the Roses trimmed, moving some plants around. It was a beautiful day, but went way to fast. Later in the day I put my new "Curves Toner" shoes, (wanted to try them out!), put the leash on the dog and off we went. If you are ever thinking about getting a pair, "DO IT!" they are wonderful. These shoes are very comfortable and you just keep walking. My poor Jessie was tired. She kept looking up at me and I know that look! Pick me up mommy! We walked for an hour!

Later in the evening I got my second wind and began posting some more of my "Lady Cards" . I found some new color paper designs and made some earrings to match. I was so excited about them that I wanted to get them posted. You can visit my shop to see all the different designs!

Today is Monday and my legs are pretty sore, but a good sore! I was thinking I can perhaps take a smaller walk tonight and of course I will take Jessie. I want her to stay in shape as well as myself! Plus she keeps me company.

So friends, I will chat with you again tomorrow. Thank you for stopping by!



jdavissquared said...

sounds like a fun weekend!

found you on etsy forums and I'd love it if you visited me too!

Saje said...

your weekend is a typical day of a family womn, a day when you share them with your kids and husband, but in spite of all, you have the time to create what you like and the spirit to make it happen.

just B you said...

Your post reminded me that I've got to get to those weeds sneaking in my front yard...Thanks for the tips on those Curves shoes. Maybe I'll try them out. =)

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