Sunday, April 4, 2010

Monday Morning Chat

Quiet down Baby!

Doesn't she look relaxed?! This is baby, my 10 year old Siamese. You know how chatty a siamese can be. We here is a little tid bit on how you quiet down a chatty cat!

No matter how much attention I give our cat, she still meows and yowls The best way I found to hush my talkative feline? I ignored her when she was having one of her fits. Once she was silent for about 10 minutes, I rewarded her good behaviour by saying something like, "Oh, what a good Baby!" then would begin petting and playing with her. She soon started associating being calm and quiet with positive reinforcement, and she ended the nonstop chatter.

Baby has been such a joy in our family. She originally was a Easter present for my husband who had broken both the bones in one of his legs. This had been the second time he had broken those bones, both times from construction accident. Anyway, I knew this little ball of fur would keep him company while he mended. She was a spit fire too! He kept saying she was a "pain in the butt!" but kept him intertained all the while.

Animals have such a purpose and we should always take care of our pals! Thanks for stopping in and reading my tid-bit for the day!

Have a wonderful Monday!


1 comment:

Cheryl Lynn said...

She is absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing your friend with us.

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