Sunday, December 20, 2009

Holiday Drawing Winner!!!

Congratulations AllThatGlittersbyKML!

You are the winner of my "Thank You Customer Appreciation Holiday Drawing".

Your prize package includes many items found in my shop. Santa Baby, Post-it Notes, "Sexy and Sophisticated" Card and Earrings; Holiday Edition! Candy, a sweet holiday card, and a few other selected surprises!

Your package will be on it's way Monday and should arrive by Wednesday, just in time for Christmas!

To all my followers, let me introduce AllThatGlittersbyKML! You can visited her shop at:

Her name is Kristi and she has been making jewelry for over 16 years. What started as a creative outlet has turned into a full blown obsession that has finally earned a permanent spot in her home.

Kristi loves to mix the expensive with the not so expensive to create a polished look that is eye catching and brings this compliment her customer's way.

Kristi has been dubbed through her family and circle of friends as the "Martha Stewart" of the group and adds jokingly "without the insider trading of course".

She hopes her customers find her designs endearing and adds a little sparkle to their day. Kristi adds, "Sometimes, all a girl needs is something new and pretty to wear and what could be better than jewelry!!!"

I agree Kristi! Thank you again for your support and here's to a wonderful 2010 Year!!!

Happy Holidays!


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Thank You Customers!

Happy Sunday! OH my how many days till Christmas?! That's right, only 12 days left!

This has been a fabulous year for Crazy4Cards. My sales have increased and I have met above all some really nice people. I love going into the chat room and talking with everyone. The regulars that come in.. you just feel connected.

I just want to name a few customers and say "Thank you!" for making repeat purchases to my shop. You all that are following my blog, check out their shops! They are wonderful!

To you all very special people, Crazy4Cards would like to say "THANK YOU!". You have wonderful shops and you are wonderful crafters!

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Holiday Edition

I am pleased to say I have completed my HOLIDAY EDITION of my Lady Cards and they are ready for purchase in my shop.

These elegant, classy lady card designs are all dressed up in their evening best and ready to give that special someone a very Merry Christmas! To top off this beautiful black and white dress is a matching hat. Attached to her new hat is a beautiful set of earrings.

Give that special lady or friend you know a beautiful card and gift in one for the holidays!

I made this card with black and white card stock, rhinestones added for that "Sexy and Sophisticated" look. The hat matches her dress and for that added touch, a large black and white flower. To complete her outfit and hanging from her hat is a set of dangle earrings made with genuine Swarovski Crystal. Each set is designed to compliment the background color.

I thank you very much for looking at my designs!


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