Sunday, February 10, 2008

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Valentine Special

Come vist my shop:
Valentine's is fast approaching and you want to give your loved one this unique "Valentine's Gift Pak".

Each gift pak includes the following:
* Decorated 3.5 oz. chocolate bar with a special note.
* Handmade Valentine Card with a free music CD inside with 14 of my favorite Love Songs.
* Large Heart Shaped Lollipop
* Scratch Off "Love Note" and a "Lotto for Lovers" scratch off. (they're tasteful)
* Lg. Valentine Card with Envelope

All specially wrapped in a Valentine Gift Bag, tied with red heart wire and decorated gift tag.

I made the Valentine card with white cardstock, using the basic valentine colors red, black and white. I picked up some kids cards and placed on the front with a cherry flavored sucker and tied with red/white ribbon.

The 3.5 oz. chocolate bar is re-wrapped with colorful valentine paper. A small note card placed on top with different embellishments for design. Lift the card open and stamped inside is a small love note, "kisses & hugs". The candy is Ghirardelli dark chocolate with luscious raspberry filling.

Next, I made the CD card holder. I used my favorite love songs and include as a free gift.

Included in each pack is a scratch off "Love Note" and a "Lotto for Lovers" scratch off card. Add one large heart shaped lollipop and you have a cute little valentine gift!

All for a low price of $15.00, includes shipping. I am a romantic and I enjoyed making these Valentine Paks. I hope you buy one and enjoy this very unique gift.

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