Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Morning Chat

Hi Everyone!

I am sorry I have been away recently and haven't blogged.  Many challenges have been knocking at my door. As written below regarding my house and a scheduled sale date of May 13th! OMG! I want to say; Thank you for your prayers! Jesus' hand has been in this one! The sale date is postponed until June 15th, which my legal team is submitting the paperwork again, for the bank to reconsider a loan modification.  If anyone is experiencing what I am going through.. my heart goes out to you, but know that  God will prevail! He loves us so much and all he asks is to trust him, give it to him and don't take it back.

Yesterday, we went to a seminar that was so wonderful.  My husband and I have been on this weight loss program that has been a fantastic journey.  It has been so successful!  He lost 65 pounds in 5 months and I have lost 75.5 pounds in 8 months.  He hit his goal and is back to the weight he was when we got married! (mmmm!) I have 32 pounds to go! SWEET! Just in time for summer!! I introduced the program to my girlfriend, (picture below) and she lost 58 pounds since January 3rd of this year! She looks great!

What was discussed is our children and how the obesity rate is climbing.  Bad food choices and very little exercise is what is happening!  They stay inside and play video games, Wii, watch TV and munch munch munch away.  Diabetes in children have climbed as well as them having high cholesterol levels.  Where will this take them into adulthood?

We all know that Michelle Obama launched her "Let's Move" initiative aimed at eliminating childhood obesity in a generation, she was right to call this problem "an epidemic."  Everyone knows making the right choices is enough to make your head spin.

Families should focus on the fundamentals: that calories are the energy you get from food.  If you eat more calories than you expend in a day you risk gaining weight.  Modifying your lifestyle to include small 'balancing' changes will help your family develop life-long habits and enable them to reach and maintain a healthy weight.

So let's get our children back outside playing!  Get them on their skates, bikes, walking, take them to the play grounds, enroll them in gymnastics, dance, something that gets them moving; instead of remaining in a sedentary position!  It's our responsibility because we love our families and want them to be of healthy mind and body.

Thanks everyone! I wish you a very happy Sunday.


PS:  If you too are experiencing yo-yo dieting, leave me a comment with your email address.  I will respond quickly and you too can join our journey! Love to all!

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