Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Evening - Second to below

Hi All,

I wanted to finish what I was writing about last night.  Researchers have come up with a plan to get your kids moving again!  It starts with you making a commitment.

  1. Create a healthy chain reaction.  Make one day an 'active day'.
  2. Remember what's in it for your kids.  Studies have shown that regular activity can improve their sleep, focus, and their confidence.
  3. Make one dietary change at a time.  Try adding one serving of fruits and vegetables a week.
  4. Make healthy fun! Add some berries to their cereal or try using yogurt for desert.
  5. Eat and cook more meals as a family.  They found that kids that help prepare meals are more interested in eating them.
These are just a few ideas I read and hope that you can incorporate some fun back into their life and be healthy too!

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