Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Chat

I got this book some time ago and I never opened it up.  It's a book about dreams! I got it as a birthday gift from someone I used to work with.  I have always had very vivid dreams and always wanted to know what they meant.  Since getting the book, I just placed it on the shelf and never thought about it until today.  Funny how things go huh?!

I had a dream about getting presents for no real reason, just people were giving them to me.  I pulled open the book and here is what it had to say:


1.  When a present appears in a dream, it can first of all be a play on words.  We are being given a 'here and now'.  We are being reminded to live in the moment, and not the past or future.  A present can also indicate a talent or gift.  If we are receiving a present we are being loved and recognised and are also gaining from the relationship.  If we are giving a present, we appreciate that we have characteristics we are able to offer other people.  A pile of presents in a dream can signify as yet unrecognised talents and skills.  If the presents give some indication of time - e.g. birthday presents - we may expect some success around that time.

2.  To present something in a dream (as in making a presentation) is offering work that we have done for approval and recognition.  We appreciate that the work we have done is more important than we ourselves are.

3.  One of the requirements of spiritual advancement is that we learn to live in the present.  We need to be able to take advantage of anything that life presents - to use it for ourselves, but also to recognise that it has relevance to other people and can affect the way that they live.

This was pretty awesome description!  I think I like writing my vivid dreams down, then looking in the book to see what they in tail.  So, from time to time when I have some of those fun dreams! I will let you all know what the book says.

If any of you would like for me to look up your unique dreams, make a comment and I will be happy to look it up and reply! 

Anyway, have a great evening!


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