Saturday, July 25, 2009

Christmas Tags

Saturday morning was slow for me today. Slept in till 8:00 am! I never do that! I am usually up early. The only reason I think I got up at 8:00 is our Siamese cat was so stinking noisy! Then the dog jumps up and panting. Don't they ever sleep in??? Oh wait I forgot, they sleep all day!

My hubby has been working out of town so much! I don't hardly get to see him. I was able to fix him breakfast today! It was very nice to be able to sit down and eat together. Now he is off for a long day at work, he said he'll probably be late tonight. Then he will have to go out of town again next week to Ukiah.
So I am in my craft room, getting things ready for an up coming craft show. I made these tags!
I love tags. I like to make tags for my own packages. My family doesn't want to open the packages because they are gift wrapped in a theme. Do you ever do that? They are posted on my website, so you can take a look there at all the ones I have made.

Anyway, have fun looking, make a comment or two. I love feedback! If you think of something I could do better at, don't be afraid to tell me. I am OK with that!!! Talk to you soon!



HanamiGallery said...

hahahaha we have a birman kitty who loves to mew and mew in our face to wake up us for treats, play, anything. we could not imagine if he was a siamese!!

Christie Cottage said...

Cute Christas tags!

I used to go all out wrapping packages. I bought ornaments for all the packages to add to their bow and little toys for the kids.

Now they are lucky to get real wrapping paper! LOL

I have been on a tag rally lately. Made about 150 gift tags. Recycled cardstock adn fabric scraps.

Have a great day!

jammatun said...

Adorable tags! Just updated my blog with a bead woven bracelet!

Just followed your blog!

cabin + cub said...

wow... christmas in July! you are well prepared.
cute tags ;)

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