Friday, June 20, 2008

In Memory of Pritzie

01/01/88 - 06/19/08 - Meet Pritzie. She is a female cat. Pritzie was 20 years old and her little old body was just so tired. She left us on Thursday morning. Now she can rest peacefully.
Pritzie came to us back in 1989. We moved to Shingle Springs and one Saturday we went to Ponderosa High School to play tennis. As we were leaving, there was this little gray kitty sitting under our car. As we approached she met us and we just couldn't resist taking her home with us.
Pritzie lived up to the name that we chose for her. She would just pritz around the house. She remained an outdoor kitty. Hunting the mice and gophers that hung around the house. She would even catch a few lizards. We lived in Shingle Springs for 15 years, then moved to Rancho Cordova. Once we moved into town, Pritzie retired inside the house. Her last 5 years were very comfortable.
We will miss Pritzie very much! She was the best! Thank you for 20 fabulous years Pritz!
Your human companion, Kim

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