Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy Sunday

Well, this has sure been a busy busy week! I went back to work after a week off and dang! Emails?! 182!!! Didn't take much and they were gone. All else is calm, so that is good.

I had a busy with with orders as well. I made 10 packages of bachelorette party invites. That's 80 cards and 320 itty bitty bows! I kept thinking as I was making those little bows, gotta be a better way?! It was great though. I am glad people like those little creations. They are so cute!

Yesterday I made a few cards and packaged them as an assortment with 10 cards in each package. Priced them at $12.75. That is such a bargain deal! That's $1.27 a piece....not bad! I also made a few more Christmas tags. Three craft shows set up for October! Busy month.

Well, better get started on a special order.


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