Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday Tea Time

I had this really nice lady that made a purchase from my shop. She had a request and very challenging for me to say the least. But all went well and everything turned out so cute!! My customer ordered 50 Halloween cards and 50 Halloween Stress Kits.

Thank you to oriental trading for having adorable erasers in I managed to get these packets ready in one evening, with the help of my girlfriend. The real challenge was creating 50 different cards. I am proud to say they turned out so cute. I posted a couple of pictures so you can see!!

I do love taking the special orders. You dig really deep down inside and challenge yourself to bring out the creativity you poses inside. Once you get going, you go, but once you can't think, you stop. (kind of like writer's block) I went for a day or two where I just couldn't come up with anything. All ended well, package went out today!

I have spent so much time on my side business, I have neglected my hubby, so we have a date tonight! We are going to Reno to see the "Allen Parsons Project"! I am pretty excited. Dinner first, then the concert! I better get going to get ready!

So, if any followers are reading this, don't forget there is two weeks until the drawing!! Get your items now!!


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